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On the other hand, if you need an additional presentation of logos due to a complete change in direction on the company’s part, there should be an extra fee. An example would be asking for a yellow duck logo design and changing your mind to a red dog design once the logos are presented to you.

Extra Colors – Printers charge more for extra colors. If a logo designer charges more for a two-color logo than they do for a three-color logo, get a detailed explanation as to why. It only takes the click of a mouse to add an extra color. In today’s world there is very little need for color separations so there should be no need for a designer to charge by the color.

It was all well to feel happy about the news coverage in India, but the real challenge was in brand building overseas, specifically the US, which was our biggest market. Paid media over there was very expensive.

There is an approach that works very well to encourage people to buy from you and it’s called ’emotional advertising’. It’s used by the big advertising agencies all the time. They think about what pains and irritates the people in their market, once they’ve got that figured, they then work on proving that they have a solution to the prospect’s woes. The art of writing to engage these prospects is called copywriting and it will pay you back ten-fold if you invest the time to understand how to write powerful copy.